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Adidas claims the loss is down to strategic changes in their golf department. Yeah, we know nothing about adidas Golf, so we're just going to feel smug about the Free Runs on our feet.My favorite running sneakers of all time, the Nike Free Run + 3, just got that much better! Introducing the new Nike Free 5.0—they're awesome.I ran my usual 10 miles this past Sunday, and the new 5.0 gave me the same flexibility as the Free Run + 3, but I definitely felt more stable in them. They provide an all-around snug, glove-like fit (go up a half-size), thanks to Nike’s new Flywire technology, which will you give you the four-way stretch flexibility that feels like you’re running barefoot without the pain, and no hot spots. And, to boot, their improved sole technology will provide you with maximum-performance level with comfort and roshe run palm trees

The difference is subtle, but I certainly felt it for the better. My feet actually felt less tired after my long run, and having that little extra arch support, bounce, and cushioning in the toe area makes a world of difference in the world of running (or walking). I am giving the updated model two thumbs up! Check them out the—color range is superfun too. And if you happen to be an 80s-David Lee Roth–loud-outfitted runner like me, go for the blue-orange color combination, but, of course, more chilled-out colors and Nike iD customizing options are also available. So, if a loudly outfitted runner from head to toe with a long black ponytail happens to pass by you, that could be me! Grab a pair of Nike Free 5.0and express yourself with me! Free yourself.

View All Blogs running-dialogue VOTE: The new Nike Free Run + 3 'I Would Run to You' ad - is it girl power or tired paradigm BY Lauren Johnston Running Dialogue Published: Friday, April 6, 2012, 2:18 PM Updated: Friday, April 6, 2012, 6:05 PM A A A 1 Share this URL Nike Free Run + 3 has rolled out a new ad featuring a cute long distance couple so lovesick that they vow (in song) to run across the country to be together. The plan is to meet in the middle. The ad premiered Wednesday, April 4, and according to Nike's website was "inspired by the idea that a strong runner can sing while running." (Hmm, note to self, try this later) Here's the premise: She's in California, he's in New York.

She has hot pink Nike Free sneakers, cute capris and a fancy moisture-wicking tank. He's got some beat looking old kicks, a schlubby sweatshirt and baggy shorts. Based on gear alone - the odds are clearly in HER favor. Here's how it shakes out: The pair run and sing their way toward one roshe run yeezy. She's running strong, singing effortlessly, and makes it across several states before her far-less-fit partner even makes it out of New York City. His contribution to the journey ends when he collapses in a puddle of sweat and vomit in front of the arch where Harry left Sally, then lands in the ER.

Thanks to HER fleet Nike Frees, she bounds to his bedside with ease and they are finally reunited. The message: Strong lady runner sings her way across the nation in an epic journey a la Forrest Gump through pelting rain and scorching desert fueled not by GU or Gatorade, but by love and longing. The ad was created by Portland, Ore.-based agency Wieden + Kennedy. The ad was shot in three cities and five states across 11 days, according to the agency website.

The ad has sparked interesting reactions among my lady runner pals, ranging from "that's SO cute, sweet, etc." to "why can't she just be running because she loves to run Why is it all about the dude" The latter sentiment is echoed somewhat in this AdWeek column by writer Rebecca Cullers - she calls the ad "fake girl power" and suggests it's simply the usual paradigm of "man saves woman" flipped, as in "Why does one side always have to be weak and in need of saving" Cullers writes: "I know I'm supposed to feel all warm and happy about this new little love story, and I know I'm in the minority. But I feel like I'm speaking up for boyfriends, husbands, and dads everywhere when I say that I don't think we chicks need to depict you dudes as bumbling, inept and totally incapable just to make ourselves feel better." Everyone know’s I love running and I’m passionate about my sneakers.

So when I received the new Nike Free Run Flyknit’s for review, I was ecstatic to say the least. At first glance the shoe immediately reminded me of Nike’s patented Huarache from the early 90’s. A shoe with advanced technology that combined the durability of an athletic cross-trainer with the snug comfort of a fitted sock. There’s no question that these are two vastly different shoes that serve two different purposes. However, my point is, that the Flyknit Free Run shares the same advanced technology as did the Huarache when it was first released.

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